How To Optimize Your Screwit Jobs To Sell More



In this article, we’re going to share how to optimize and the techniques which we recommend in order to optimize your Screwit profile.  These techniques will  helping you optimize your profile, increase your  screwit ranking.

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a seller on Screwit, then there are certain things you can do to stand out on the platform and quickly start making money. In this article, we’re going to share with you the tactics many tradesmen have used  to make a decent amount of money each and every month.


Video Is King

One of the first things you need to do is to ensure all of your Jobs have a great looking and descriptive Job video. Screwit touts that Jobs with Video convert almost 300 percent better than those without a video. If you are not a great videographer and don’t know where to start, chat to the team at Screwit or log a query through our support portal.





Upload High-Quality Images

Another thing you can do to make your Jobs stand out, to ensure the Job image is high quality and is relative to what your Job is about.
Many tradesmen use a site called Graphic Stock to get their images for their jobs. We would also recommend progress photos, which are images showing the before, during and after result of the work you’ve done. This helps build trust with buyers, showcasing your skills and drive more sales.

For your profile picture, use a real photo. People need to know that they are working with a real person. One advantage of this is your potential buyer can get to know you a little bit better via your picture. Avoid using avatars or cartoon image unless the service you’re offering is related to design and the profile Pic is a piece of your sample work.













Delivery in a Day

There are two trains of thought with this one, in the beginning of your Screwit seller career it’s good practice to set your delivery time at one day. Obvisously if it the job cannot be completed in one day, you then should put the minimum days that you will require. This allows your job to stand out, and it puts you in the category of express delivery when buyers are sorting by delivery time. Once you are an established seller on Screwit, it might be smart to set your delivery time to 2-3 days and then offer a Job extra to provide express delivery, allowing you to make more money per sale.

Buyers always will prefer a fast delivery of their requests. With that being said, the first thing they will search for is sellers who have good reputations and deliver quickly.













Screwit Job SEO Optimization

Screwit search is similar to Google, Bing and Yahoo; it’s a search engine. Which means you need to practice good SEO strategies when creating your Jobs.

Here are some good practice SEO basics to keep in mind when creating your Jobs.

  1. Use your target keyword in your Jobs title. The title length should not be more than 60 characters. And use optimal titles for your Jobs.
  2. The title structure should be —> Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand name (Plumbers in London | Hire Top Plumbers in London | Screwit
    Your main focus should be the primary and secondary keyword in your Job title.
  3. Screwit will not allow you to keyword stuff your titles or descriptions, BUT you do want to sprinkle in the keywords in your description. Don’t go crazy with this, though
    Linking to your other Jobs and profile page can help rank your Jobs and profile higher.
  4. Use your target keyword in your video and images.














Accurate Tags

Screwit allows you to put in 5 tags when creating a job, make sure these tags are not repetitive and are accurate to what your Job is about

The tags have the ability to rank your Job under different keywords. Make sure that they are accurate BUT different enough that it will help in different types of search terms. Using a variety of keywords can hep you rank your Job very quickly.


Ratings Matters… A Lot

Screwit has a rating system like most marketplaces, and one of the best ways for you to rank quickly is to get some 5-star positive ratings under your belt.
Good ratings on your Jobs signals to Screwit that this Job is performing well and loved by customers and has the potential to grow substantially and in return, your Job will receive higher ranking in Screwit.









Promote Your Job Outside Of Screwit

This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you are not promoting your Job outside of Screwit, you are doing it wrong. With so many different social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Podcasting) you need to be utilizing these tools to share and promote your Jobs as much as possible.
Think outside of the box — > Use fun hashtags on Twitter, make a video on YouTube around the keyword you are targeting in your Job, and just do anything you can to bring in new clients.

April 12, 2019